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    Name :

    Itsuki Takyoma



    Age :


    Equipment :
    None (except for his clothing)

    Fire Bender



    History :
    Was the kind of person not to bother much with life or do what who was expected and an example would be that he did not cry the day he was born. His parents were of the middle class, members of a new religion and meant that bending the four elements was only something a god should be able to do, being a single child meant that they put a lot of resources into making him a well educated man once he had grown up. Ikki didn't care for school, the toys his parents occusionally bought him.

    The only thing that he ever took interest in was bending, he had awareness of his capabillity to manipulate fire at six and had somehow managed to hide this abillity from his mother and father. One day, a winther night where the heating in the house had broken down and it was freezing Ikki decided to help his family out a bit and lid the fireplace by friction, caused by his palms being rubbed against eachother. It was rare for him to take initiative and was kind of proud of himself! At the same time his mother walked in, she gasped and dashed up to Ikki, grabbing him by the collar and rocking him violently, "Mother! Stop you're hurting me."He cried out, raising his eyes and only to see his mother's tear run down her cheeks, "Yo.you..spawn of the DEVIL!"She shouted, slapping him across the cheek and pushed the eleven year old away. His father walked in, hearing what who was being said and his eyes assesed the scene. He saw the fire, his wife crying and his son on the floor rubbing his red cheek, "Ten minutes, pack your stuff and get out."He said and closed the door behind himself.

    From that point on Ikki had been on his own, he had heard that his father commited traditional suicide and his mother died of heart sores, losing two significant persons in her life had probably been two much. Ikki had joinned a sailor on his adventures out on the blue ocean, after pickpocketing the man who gave him two options, "Look kid, here is how it is. You either come with me, to work your way..HONESTLY for a living or you i'll take you for a trip to the local authorities."The captain had said, breathing out black fumes from his nostrils indicating he was well capable of scorching Ikki on the place. The young boy nodded, the captain placed a hand on his right shoulder blade and guided them to the ship.

    Till his late teens Ikki was at sea, visiting the different countries and building on his firebending with the captain whenever they had a chance. As there had been no crew, other than the two them, much of the work was done by Ikki and the captain, that explains the refined physique he currently wields. The captain had sadly died, during an ambush of pirates that summed their puny little ship had anything of value on board. Itsuki decided to bring his body back to the Republic City, the same city which the two had met. The clothes he wore was mostly composed of different things aquired of on their journey and that meant he was going to stand out quite a lot. Although it's undecided whether he stays or not.

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