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    Oobu (Air Bender) 1z6tymf

    Name :

    Age :

    Equipment :
    Glider Staff.

    Bender or Nonbender :

    Bending / Chi Blocking Proficiency :
    Below Average.

    History :
    As you can see, Oobu is an airbender. As of right now, he lives in the Republic City but he wasn't always stationed here. At a young age, Oobu was a monk in one of the most polished and honored nomadic temples. He was being trained by very old and wise monks who put in 110% effort when it came to praying, studying and training. Oobu wasn't the top of the class when it came to training but he definitely wasn't at the bottom. Years and years of training had come to Oobu and he still wasn't on par with all of his other fellow monks. One of the senior monks was big into teaching Oobu in the ways of airbending and decided there was one thing that he had to do; leave the temple. Oobu was a free-spirited kind of kid and this temple was too enclosed for him to really learn. The senior monk sent Oobu to Republic City with a ton of scrolls to train himself (which was difficult in certain ways)but, this senior monk would also eventually travel to train Oobu once every month. What will Oobu do in the Republic City? Can he survive on his own?

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