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    Rules of this Roleplay Empty Rules of this Roleplay

    Post  Sergetank on Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:25 pm

    Da Rules

    ► Respect every member of this site, always. This means no insulting, flaming or just be unnecessarily rude. If you really do have a problem with someone, PM a Staff Member and (s)he will try to deal with the situation as best as they possibly can. We do not want massive flaming all around the forum. Therefore, breaking this rule will result in warnings, followed by a suspension, and if done again, a permanent ban.

    ► No arguing or not listening to Moderators or Admins whatsoever. If you find one of them has made a wrong decision, you may have a civilized conversation, but if they tell you to stop, you stop. If you think the Moderator or Admin is completely wrong, you can contact myself or other staff through PMing or asking in OOC

    ► Do not bug staff to check out your character application, or anything for that matter. You are only allowed to send a ONE staff member a PM after 24 hours.

    ► No canon characters are allowed. You will simply be immediately denied. You can also not be related to any of the canon characters in any way. This includes objects, items, skill, accessories, and anything else you can think of. It's quite annoying when there are hundreds of Aang's grandchildren running around with his 'staff'. To prevent this, this rule has been made. Just be original with your character's story and history.

    ► You cannot be overpowered! The series over exaggerated the strength of the main characters (aged 12-16) because the main audience was that age. Not everybody can be 14 and a Master. Every same-ranked person is equally strong, you cannot be stronger, only weaker. Special techniques such as lightning can only be done by characters with a decently high rank, such as Expert and higher.

    ► You may not decide whether your opponent gets hit by your attacks ( aka autohitting ). (S)HE decides that. You are also not able to dodge every single attack aimed at you, get hit now and then. Show some decent roleplaying. You may not kill anyone without their permission. Dying is basically losing the ability to post with your account. Some people do not want to lose the account they have developed by roleplaying.

    ► Metagaming is acting upon information your character does not know about. Never do this. If your friend gets killed on the other side of the city without your knowledge, and you encounter the killer, you didn't know he did it, unless it was told to you through roleplay.

    ► For now, Bloodbending, Psychic Bending ( which is manipulating the elements without doing a physical action ) and Energybending ( which only the Avatar would have anyways ) are banned. You are restricted to the four elements if you elect to make a bender. And nothing silly like Mindbending, or worse.

    ► Once you have an accepted character on the forums, you can create NPCs to roleplay as you will. Unless they are certified with the admins for some special event, however, they will be just that. NPCs. If you make an NPC without a profile, know that:
    -They will have no bending prowess what so ever, not even demonstrating the ability to pull the tiniest speck of any element. They will also be unable to learn how to Chi Block until they acquire a profile.
    -They will have no combat capability. Able to resist, yes, but basically if this were a game, they'd have 1 HP.
    -They can become a real character, and have the potential to bend. However they will start with Beginner if you decide to make a profile for them.
    -They will not have any special equipment, such as lightning gloves. Wooden weapons are the most they can have.

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