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    Name : Drake Edino

    Age : 24

    Equipment : dual Axes

    Bender or Nonbender : Earth Bender

    Bending / Chi Blocking Proficiency : Is not in use.

    History : Drake was born into a small family in Republic city, his father was an earth bender that protected his neighborhood. For years Drake's little neighborhood was home to thugs and brutes until one day, when his father arrived there and began protecting everyone in that area. For the years to come Drake grew up and became a fine young man, but unknown to anyone Drake was an earth bender just like his father. Drake had a peaceful and happy life until one day a thug killed his father by using fire bending, as he was burned alive Drake stood there and watched and as he heard the screams of his father he became enraged by the thug. Using pure rage he created a huge fissure to appear underneath the thug and let him fall to his death, after that it was all a blur to Drake. Years went by and Drake forgot all about that day. He had blocked out all memories of him and his father and of his earth bending, not knowingly Drake lived a normal life though saddened of not knowing his father.

    Personality : Kind, caring, but also distint and sad. He is always seen with a smile on his face but that just hides all of his pain in his life.

    Birthplace :
    Republic City, Slums.

    Occupation :

    Pets :

    Birthday :
    January 3rd.

    Blood type :

    Hobbies :
    Drake loves all types of animals.

    Quirks :
    Drake always looks to the ground when passing a girl, or talking to one.

    Family :
    Father (Deceased)

    Height :

    Clothes :
    Jeans, Black shirt with a white rose on the back of it, and silver running shoes.

    Strengths :
    He forges weapons, Axe weilder, Considerate of others.

    Personal Weaknesses :
    He hates water, Disgracing his father, torturing his friends.

    Hamartia :

    Likes :
    Animals, Weapons, Kind people, Benders, Equality

    Dislikes :
    Jerks, Water, Heights, People whom hurt his friends, Poachers.

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