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    Name: Okazaki, Tohan

    Age: 18

    Equipment: Water Tribe Clothes, 2 Water Skins, 1 Southern Tribe Boomerang

    Bender or Nonbender: Bender(Water)

    Bending / Chi Blocking Proficiency: Average

    History: Was born to the Southern Water Tribe. He lived a normal boring life with his mother and father. His mother was a water bender but his father was not. At a young age his parents discovered that he could bend. As Akira grew up he befriended a small pet that had taken a liking to him ever since he began feeding it each day. The small animal was a Polar Squirrel. They could always be found together. Later parents began soon let him begin to train his water bending with the other benders. Years have past and he had improved. Now that he had decent skill in the bending. He wanted to get away from the Southerb water Tribe he wanted to see the world. But before that he along with a few others sailed to the Northern Water Tribe for further training. With his bending now becoming profluent he was content. He'd further train his bending on his own while he ventured and saw the world. He soon made his way to Republic City where things looked so different. But what shocked him the most was that bending was frowned upon and that there was an organization against it. Because of this he hid his bending for the most part.

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    Name: Harumo

    Nickname: Haru

    Age: 8 years

    Species: Snow Hamster

    Description: A very small rodent covered in a coat of white fur that keeps it insulated in the arctic climate. It has a fluffy tail roughly as long as its body, and an ovoid head with small, pointed ears.

    Abilities: None.

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