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    Character Sheet

    Picture above Profile

    Name : Delilah

    Age : 21

    Equipment : Staff

    Bender or Nonbender : Bender (earth)

    Bending / Chi Blocking Proficiency : Average

    History : She grew up like any other girl, in a beach house. She has been spoiled her whole life getting whatever she wants. She learned she was an earth bender at a young age. Her parents paid for her to privately train with a professional earth bender. She went to cosmetology school to help less perfect girls be pretty because she is a giver (in more than one way Wink ). She now lives on her own and lives a normal life, at least as normal as a beautiful rich girl can.

    Personality : stereotypical blonde, genocidal against non-benders

    Birthplace : Republic City

    Occupation : Cosmetalogy

    Pets : none

    Birthday : 6/6/6

    Blood type : o+
    Hobbies : shopping, doing make-up, genocide

    Quirks : Genocidal, super hot (OMG)

    Family : all dead

    Character Theme : California Gurls

    Height : 5'5"

    Weight: none of your business

    Clothes : slutty

    Strengths : fashion, independence, ruthlessness

    Personal Weaknesses : bad hair days, chipping a nail, not getting what she wants

    Hamartia : killing all non-benders

    Likes :tanning, shopping, killing, sex, getting abortions

    Dislikes : pretty much everything else

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