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    Post  Minax on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:02 pm

    Republic City is the pinnacle of the world, everything that is unity is brought up within this town and is given to it's people-- however, unity is not something that is a foundation for the world anymore. People live in unison within this now advanced town, but the inner-workings are certainly more than just a little bit controlling. Non-benders make up the entire council except for one bender who has very little right to begin with.

    It is the self-proclaimed end to the benders. With the ravage of the Equalists and the benders having no leader-figure to guide them through this trying time, the benders have essentially been locked down. They are still allowed to function as normal human beings, but use of bending in any way, shape, or form is directly prohibited by law and can be means for incarceration or even execution. This is the unfortunate way that the world now works. With little to no outlet and training on their bending, the gift seems to be something that is dissipating in the public eye. The world is following along with Republic City's example, policing and enforcing this crushing of bending and promoting a technological advancement through the entire world.

    Stories of Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra are simply fantasies within this world. They never existed and they are just stories. The world has not had a stable Avatar in a good century and a half now, so faith has been mainly lost for the benders. With resistance rising and varying chaos ensuing, what is the world to do?

    What path will your character take? Good, bad, neutral? Bending or non-bending?

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