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    «†» Information «†»

    O'Ren Shui.



    «Height & Weight»
    5'7, 110 lbs.

    Water Bender.


    January 24th.

    «Blood Type»

    • Charm Bracelet.
    • Medicine x3.

    As a young girl, O'Ren was raised in a tribe of nomadic water benders, staying far away from the police and their rule. Her childhood was spent learning how to use Water Bending for good purposes rather than evil and how to live life to the fullest. The majority of her time was spent with her parents whom she loved very much and vice versa. While young, she also took an interest in Botany and curing others sicknesses by using herbs and the like instead of always using the water around her. Life was.. simple and lovely for O'Ren. She always did what she was told, she took her education seriously, and managed to become optimistic about every situation that her family or tribe came across. Unfortunately, their tribe was one day discovered by the police after lurking to close to the heavily populated areas. After showing much resistance rather than surrendering, a majority of the tribe was slaughtered which included O'Ren's parents. Anyone else that was still alive was either caught and taken to jail to be trialed or ran away. O'Ren managed to get away with a few other children to a nearby city where she had met an old woman after lurking through trash trying to find food. The Old Woman took her in and raised her until she had passed. And after that, O'Ren soon became a nurse and moved on with life. During her stay with the Old Woman, there was a young man named Chung whom she fell in love with. During their time together, it was revealed to him that she was a Water Bender and when she believed he wouldn't betray her and go to the police, he did. Fortunately, she managed to turn the tables on her ex-lover and ever since then, she has been breaking the hearts of many men in fear that history will repeat itself. Nowadays, she practices Water Bending within the comfort and privacy of her own home.

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