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    Post  Sergetank on Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:01 am

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    Firebending Mastery

    Beginner: Small bursts of fire. A radius of approximately 7 feet is how far they can be fired before dissipating. Enough to burn somebody with fire but, nothing spectacular.

    Below Average: Medium bursts of fire. The Radius is extended to 10 feet in range, and they're more capable of actually damaging a person.

    Average: Large blasts of fire, Extending to approximately 14 feet. You're now capable of using this element and substantially damaging someone, congratulations.

    Above Average: You are capable of now firing large blasts from your hands to a radius of 17 feet, as well as smaller fireballs from your feet/heels, off towards your target. This isn't seen very often and you should be proud of yourself. Then again, you're a firebender and were probably proud of yourself from the day you were born.

    Advanced: The creation of your Fireballs has extended into something more powerful; more complex. You're able to actually fire Large fireballs from your feet and hands towards a radius of nearly 25 feet. Only a few ever reach this level, and those who have are feared by many due to the excessive amount of power you've been seen to exhibit.

    Master: You Are The Dragon. The capabilities behind your bending have excelled to something much more than a simple bender. You can crush those who stand in your way with very little effort. The radius of your fireballs has extended to 40 feet and you able to send powerful streams of fire burning from your fingertips, threatening to decimate all those who stand in your way. To those who underestimate you, the flame that you can expell from your mouth in a roar sends them running near instantly (If they get away is a different question, however.)

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