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    Post  Sergetank on Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:00 am

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    Earthbending Mastery

    Beginner: Able to pull pebbles and medium size rocks up from the ground. Whether you can catch them and whatnot is an entirely different matter however.

    Below Average: Able to actually propell the rocks that you pull up from the ground at a rate that can cause scratches, bleeding, and some nasty bruises.

    Average: Able to force slabs of rocks to come up out of the ground at an angle to form small barriers. Oh, and congratulations, you've become capable of forming larger rocks, approximately the size of the average man's palm (Which happens to be 189 mm).

    Above Average: You're capable of forming larger barriers of rock, as well as raising boulders up from the ground and proceed to send them off towards your opponent. This also arises the ability ot forming medium spikes within a medium radius. This means, about 10 feet radius.

    Advanced: The capability to form entire walls of rock, as well as increasing the radius of your spikes by approximately 5 feet, extending the radius to 15 feet. You're also capable of sending off about 3 boulders at a target in a combination technique.

    Mastered: You have become the master of your element, causing the creation of rock to be an easy and simple task to you. Many have attempted to reach this level, few have succeeded. You are one of the few who can raise a wall and proceed to pull and launch boulders as if they were pebbles at the same time. You've proven to be one of the best by being capable of raising entire fields of rocky spikes, making it nearly impossible for others to maneuver without being stabbed.

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