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    Waterbending Empty Waterbending

    Post  Sergetank on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:58 am

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    Waterbending Mastery

    Beginner: Capable of swaying smaller puddles, forming tiny balls of water that can be used as projectiles; Most of the time they're used for playing for the force behind them isn't as great as those who have been learning.

    Below Average: Capable of swayling larger regions of water, forming more dense balls of water, and moving small bodies of water at a time.

    Average: Able to sway the water of a lake, and manipulate the water to form tendrils, mostly used for grabbing and whipping people.

    Above Average: Able to functionally fight for the Water Tribes, having the techniques that few know such as forming waves within the ocean that are possible of knocking down several opponents at once. You even know the basics of healing.

    Advanced: You have been titled one of the revered artists in the style of waterbending, capable of doing what very few have been known to do in your art. You can actually heal wounds rather frequently and without much effort, as well as even freeze some of the water you utilize.

    Mastered: Capable of freezing entire lakes and healing masses at a time. Able to create waves that even Rock-Walls have issues holding up. You are one of the very few who have become famous for your art and that is why others seek you out for help and assistance to become one of the best in Water-Bending.

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