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    Post  Sergetank on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:56 am

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    Airbending Mastery

    Beginner: You're capable of making small bursts of wind strong enough to knock somebody back or off balance.

    Below Average: You have learned enough in the art of Air Bending to manipulate the air around you more freely, causing waves of wind flow from your fingertips that can have enough force to knock an opponent over.

    Average: The secrets of airbending have further taught you to manipulate air in a fashion that many other's aren't capable of. You've been taught how to lash air at people in bigger waves, as well as create an air-ball for your mode of transportation.

    Above Average: You have learned how to properly maintain and perform with your Bo-Staff to fly by manipulating the air around it's wings while in air.

    Advanced: You're more fluent in having your staff work in relation to your bending. You're capable of actually striking people and harming them with your air, and knocking over several enemies in one sweep. Your abilities are high enough to capably teach students in a fashion that can make them reach levels equal to your own in time.

    Master: You are The Air Bender. Your bending skill has very rarely been rivaled and only a few can even harm you. The manipulation of air is literally at your fingertips and only few can truly understand or comprehend the magnificence that you hold. You have excelled to the regimen of being revered by all other benders to the point of them actually calling you a Master out of respect. Those who come to you for help are those who have more troubling issues than their bending because they know that you have the advice and wisdom to help them through their issues.

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