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    / / S E T T I N G S ; Within this roleplay, there are many places within the city that one can go. Here are some examples, but allow your mind to wander. Just be reasonable:

    - Downtown is the bustling center of the city, downtown, is reminiscent of all the different elemental bending traditions in both its architecture and its population. In downtown Republic City, tall, well-crafted buildings line the cobblestoned streets, and a railroad track sits above the general populace, offering transportation to those wishing to explore the city in its entirety. This sector is representative of a cultural melting pot of shops and stands featuring goods from all surrounding areas. It is the political, economic, and cultural center of Republic City, protected by a massive police presence carried by their headquarters and airships. Despite this, downtown suffers from organized crime just as the rest of Republic City.

    - City Hall is a center for governance in Republic City, and is also a venue for public press conferences and gatherings, with a large square before its front doors. While the public building has an entrance typical of traditional architecture from the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, its distinctive features, a large dome and four corner towers.

    - Central City Station is the city's main hub of transportation, though in recent years, it has been less utilized due to the advent of the automobile. However, it remains a busy commercial area and the host to the trolley.

    - Pro-bending is the most popular sport in Republic City, and official pro-bending matches are held in the city's Pro-bending Arena. As a testament to the sport's popularity, this building has a golden appearance and is lit at night, making it a prominent city landmark. The arena is spacious enough to hold the pro-bending ring on which the contestants compete, a large pool of water far below the ring, and great numbers of spectators. People from all over the world come to visit and watch the world's greatest benders compete.

    - Kuang's Cuisine is a restaurant in downtown Republic City. They have a strict dress code for citizens who go there. It is located on the corner of two blocks where cable cars pass.

    - The police headquarters, often referred to simply as "Headquarters", is the base of operations for the chi-blocking police, and is where criminals that were apprehended by the police are booked and jailed. The architecture of the police headquarters is comparable to that of standard Earth Kingdom buildings, with both the exterior and the interior being largely geometrical in design. Headquarters is overseen by Chief Jiga.

    - Republic City Park: Typical of other public construction achievements in Republic City, the city park is also on a large scale. Located in the city's central peninsula, the city park is landscaped with small hills, deciduous trees shading impeccably kept grass, and fine stone arch bridges. Due to the poverty of a large number of Republic City citizens, the city park has also become a place popular with vagabonds and the homeless.

    Here are just a few examples. Remember, Aang Memorial Island does not exist, but there will still be an island with an abstract statue there promoting freedom amongst the nation-- despite the fact that freedom is not easy to come by here,

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