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    Very Important; Please look over before anything else.


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    Very Important; Please look over before anything else.

    Post  Sergetank on Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:30 pm

    This is a roleplay based on Byond / RolePlayUnlimited. This is, basically, a forum for a roleplay that happens on something else. In order to roleplay, you will need to download these two things.

    Byond Download


    If you're concerned about system requirements, don't be. This rig that yours truly is using is from 2002 and dusty as hell. And bad, really bad. Skype can't even run on this thing.

    Yet RPU and Byond can. Take that as you will. Interestingly enough though, I've been alerted that it doesn't work on Macs. Hue.

    Here's a step by step process of how to set up Byond and RPU on your computer.

    1. You click the first hotlink 'Byond Download' and you should find something that looks like this:
    Either the Beta or the Stable will work fine for RPU.

    2. Once you have it installed, you also need to create a 'key'. Aka, a username. It's easy, but requires an e-mail confirmation. Isn't it lovely?

    Once that's done you should get this:

    2. Once you've made a key, you can log in and explore RPU. ( Brace yourselves. )

    3. You click the second link, 'RPUnlimited' and find the Avatar RP from the list of servers available.

    4. Once you start to log in, it'll take you to the title page.

    5. Click the hell out of 'Load Data'. Creating new leads you down this empty process that takes forever and doesn't do anything. Thank AnthonyHawkina for that vital part of the update. Once you get in the server looks like this:

    That's our lovely Sentinel Prime giving her typical greeting, don't worry.

    From there on out, you should be set. And welcome to the roleplay~

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